June 23, 2021: Episode 1 is available now on Spotify or link here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1738658/8754099-narrative-weaving.mp3?download=true

Trailer is live! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1738658/8694376-empowering-appalachia-0-5.mp3?download=true

Exciting News ahead! Coming June 21, 2021! Y’all! I have been working for most of 2020 and 2021 on figuring out how to take what I love doing in my practice and creating some broader systemic change. The systems we operate in are broken and steeped in white supremacy. These systems include insurance, broader healthcare systems, the mental health care system and the ways in which we gate keep and profit off of people’s pain. Right now, I’m inside the systems because therapy is inside of them. And that’s okay. I know where I’m grounded and I know how to meet people where they are and hold as much space as I can inside the systems. This podcast is gonna help me link to the imagination and resilience of the humans who are living, working, and loving in Appalachia.

This podcast is meant to be a space for hard conversations, for reality checking ourselves into knowing and being seen as our full selves. And for making sure that we are lifting up the work and lives and joy of Black, Indigenous, and other folks of color, making sure we are highlighting the tenacity of queer folks trying to build lives, families, and safe spaces in Appalachia, and prioritizing connection and safety for all folks. I don’t know all the details yet because the ideas are marinating. There’s a google form if you want to be interviewed or know someone who is living, being, working, doing, loving, joyful existing in a way that helps us change the right-now narrative of Appalachia. These mountains do have humans who are insistent upon hurting and continuing to oppress and marginalize. And what I believe is that these mountains are full of MORE humans who have been marginalized and who are thriving despite those intent on doing harm.There are people creating beauty and working toward equity.  I want to weave a narrative of what’s possible in Appalachia.