May 8, 2018–

For many years, before becoming a Clinical Social Worker, I wondered whether the inner workings of a therapist’s mind resembled a continuous analysis of the psychoanalytic dreamland of Sigmund Freud. I further mused that in order to be a therapist (or Clinical Social Worker) that one had to have a special ability to read minds. It turns out neither of those ideas are functional, attainable, or true. So here I am. A human like you, practicing Clinical Social Work. I sit with people every day in an office and help them to think through problems, issues, and solutions. More than that, I often see patterns of behavior that folks are too emotionally attached to, to view.

What does that have to do with why you’re reading this text? Well–because I want to connect! With you, with clients, with my community at large!  Blogging is the newest rage in communication of ideas and creating professional and therapeutic community so consider this the first of (hopefully!) many blog posts. If you have topic suggestions, or issues you’d like updated or current research on, send me an email at

Happy Tuesday!

Keep telling your story. Every day. You’re the only one who can.